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They know Maryland criminal law.  

It’s all they do.

Best of all, they know how to win.


When you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, you need someone with real courtroom experience who knows how to win.  Someone who knows Maryland criminal law inside and out.  Someone committed to achieving justice for you.  You need Kadish, Forster & Fastovsky, LLC.  Criminal defense is their focus.  In fact, it’s all they do.

And they are very good at winning criminal defense cases. Craig Kadish has an excellent record in jury trials.  He is also serves as the law instructor for the Maryland Police Academy.  Nancy Forster has argued hundreds of cases in Maryland as well as the United States Supreme Court.  Oleg Fastovsky is an experienced trial attorney and an associate law professor at the University of Baltimore, School of Law.

Attorneys Craig M. Kadish, Nancy Forster and Oleg Fastovsky are Baltimore, Maryland’s top criminal defense team, ranked as Super Lawyers, and perennial selections as top attorneys in Maryland by their peers.  Kadish, Forster & Fastovsky, LLC (KFF) has represented thousands of individuals facing serious felony or misdemeanor charges for over 20 years.  Best of all, your case will receive the legal representation that precisely fits your unique situation, affording you access to the highest levels of courtroom litigation.

With your freedom or future on the line, you cannot count on the mercy of the court or pin your hopes on a sympathetic jury if you have been charged with a crime.  You get one shot at this. You need to hire an experienced Baltimore, Maryland criminal defense attorney with a reputation for winning the tough cases.  You need Kadish, Forster & Fastovsky, LLC.

Do you need a criminal defense attorney right now?  Contact KFF day or night at 410-837-0020 for a free initial consultation.  We’re here to help.

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